The Story My Bathroom Tells

February 3, 2017

Having a shower this morning, sharing the room yet again with my 10 month old baby and 2 1/2 year old toddler, all I could do was laugh at the state of it.  I finally managed to get dressed and get everyone out of the bathroom (after a lot of unnecessary hassle) and take a deep breath.  I felt relieved - and proud of myself!  I had made it to the end of ANOTHER shower - I truly am awesome! I thought "As long as I don't get paint, poo, sand, dirt, vomit, texta or beetroot on me between now and the end of my day (highly unlikely) I don't have to think about getting clean again until tomorrow.  Hoorah!"  


Jokes aside, this truly is a big achievement in the life of a mum.  Showering is something we do for ourselves... say what?  We don't do things for ourselves!  We do everything for everyone else!  Yeah I know, I hear ya.  Even sharing a bathroom so we can get clean is something us mums do without a second thought.  Oh to be able to shower on my own!!!


So anyway, back to the state of my bathroom.  I just stood there... looking... thinking... realising.  I was realising the state it was in was a pretty good picture of my life in general right now.  I wanted to share it with you...


This is the story my bathroom tells.



Bron's daughter is obsessed with bandaids.  She HAS to have one on both of her knees everyday... even if they're not hurt.  She says they're sore but her mum knows they're fine.  Too exhausted to argue, her mum always just gives in, gets 2 bandaids every morning and sticks them on her daughter's knees.  She does this to avoid a tantrum... her daughter's tantrums are awful.


This morning, however, Bron decides she's had enough.  She empties ALL 4 boxes of bandaids into a container and places it on a shelf behind a door her daughter can't open.  She hasn't had a chance to put the 4 boxes in the bin today.


The bathmat is scrunched up in a heap on the floor because Bron's daughter kept opening the glass panel shower screen while Bron was in the shower and water kept going onto the floor.  Bron spends a lot of time in the laundry washing bath mats.  She hasn't had a chance to wash that one today.


There's a clear container on the 3rd shelf in the cabinet that has a really special ring in it.  Bron got that ring after her second baby was born.  It's the birthstone of both her kids and her husband set in a white gold band.  She absolutely loves it.  It's in the plastic box because it still doesn't fit.  Bron's trying to lose the weight she gained during pregnancy but it's tough.  She hasn't had a chance to exercise today.


Proctosedyl... haemorrhoids... She really needs to, but Bron hasn't had a chance to apply any today. 


The plastic toys were keeping her baby entertained while Bron had her shower.  She had just finished packing them away when she got in... then her baby tipped over the bucket and they all came out again.  She hasn't had a chance to tidy them up today.


What you can't see is the towel on the floor Bron used to soak up the 'accident' her toddler had, the bubble liquid that had been spilt on the floor and then slipped on by Bron's toddler (another bandaid) and Bron's pyjamas shoved behind the door in an attempt to make more space.


Oh... and Bron hasn't had the chance to close the vanity door today.





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